Thursday, August 20, 2009

Girl's Night Out

August 13 my friend Tiffany arranged for girl's night at her family's cabin. We left our children at home with our husbands - kind of - and met for a night of girls only fun. I say kind of because Holly's husband was gone, so her kids were at my house and Tiffany's husband ended up with all of their kids at my house for the night too. I told Angeline that she should have sent Matt and the kids to my house too, but her six would have significantly increased the child to adult ratio. We ate, played games, and acted on a single impulsive questionable whim. No running water and no electricity (although there is a generator) mean no laundry, no dishes, just relaxing.

My best friend got married 9 years ago this month and I followed by three months. We all know how that newlywed marital bliss takes over any other relationship you previously had with ANYONE. I went years without a friend - literally, YEARS. When we moved to Idaho, we found a couple that we spent a lot of time with (and miss tons), but I have always kind of been the mom who never leaves her kids behind, so we never just did girl stuff. And now, for the first time in a long time, I have honest to goodness friends! I have emerged from my "mom" shell and have branched out. I feel like me when I am with them and never have to feel afraid of them not accepting me for me.

The following morning, the men and children showed up.

Poor Matt somehow ended up on kid duty. He was severely outnumbered. There's a whole other boat of children somewhere outside of the picture.
Nolan, Me, Gavin (Nolan's butt double) and Connor
Down time for the kids (and relief for Matt).
16 kids to 7 adults
Matt, Angeline, and Aiden
Connor puked on me. Not a flattering face, I know.
Jeremy was all about safety first. He installed the railing that afternoon.
12 kids, 4 adults at this point.
Ethan and Me


Alicia J said...

I think it's funny that you left the puke on you long enough to take a picture!
I'm so happy you love Alaska and have made great friends there. Good friends make a huge difference.

Anonymous said...

I love that you are able to get out and have fun. Girl time can be so rejuvenating. you have to take some time for you in order to stay sane the rest of the time with the little humans. -Miss you Jamie