Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Denali Day 1 - Part 1

July 26 we spent 9 hours on a bus viewing Denali National Park. No cars are allowed in the park, so it is the only option. We got the kids up at 5:45 a.m. and packed lunches for the day. The bus stops for wildlife and there is an occasional stop to stretch and go to the bathroom.
Greg was such a good sport through many hours of lame jokes.
Nolan even took a little nap
The bus was almost totally full. This was during a stop.
Brenden caught a swedish fish!
Nolan "nockling"
Nolan and Brenden had camel backs and loved them.
The big spectacle: Mt. McKinley
Eielson Visitor Center

The kids were SO good and I was told several times how well behaved they were. I was so proud - 9 hours was a long time - especially for Ethan to be in a car seat after sitting for 10 hours the day before. We saw lots of wildlife - more than was represented in these pictures and the beauty left us all in awe.

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