Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ethan turns TWO!

Happy Birthday Ethan!
First thing in the morning, Ethan got his new scooter from grandma and grandpa.
Nolan and Ethan fought constantly over the red one, so now, they each have their own!
Brenden and Nolan decorated the birthday cake.
As for the rest of the pictures, they were just too cute to choose only a few, so you get TONS!
I love when Nolan's shirt brings out the beautiful blue of his eyes.

The rest of Ethan's birthday was spent having fun outdoors.
This is what Nolan looks like 40% of the time
The other 60% is just darn cute
Ethan's birthday was just a fun, stay at home day. Anything had to be better than last year - we moved into our house on his first birthday and I totally forgot about it. We were glad my parents were able to be here for his birthday and sad when they had to leave that night. It was such a short stay!

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