Thursday, August 6, 2009

King Salmon Fishing

July 29 was the big King Salmon Fishing Day!
It has now been documented for posterity sake - Trudy went fishing! I know Boehme family, you are all in awe. She says it will never happen again. She is wearing 8 layers of clothes.
Dave Goggia of Hooky Charters - a good friend
There were a lot of people out looking for the elusive king salmon.
They sat and sat and sat and 10.5 hours with no action.
This is the best fish Greg caught.
(It is swedish!)
Finally! Some action!
Grant caught a 30 pound King!
And, drum roll, please... the big hurrah...
To tell you what a big deal that really is - people, grown men for that matter - go YEARS without EVER catching a King Salmon. Trudy's was a whopping 72 pounds!

But, unfortunately, it was snagged in the dorsal fin. Fishing regulations state that is has to be hooked in the mouth. So, after a few pictures, the fish was set free. Arms of jelly, reeling and reeling and reeling, and there's nothing but a few pictures to show for it.
Now you see him: you don't.

Back at home:
Yes, I know, Brenden needs a bigger bike.

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