Thursday, August 6, 2009

Captain Cook State Park

8/3/09 Doug had to go back to work after a week of vacation.
First thing in the morning, the boys got their long overdue haircuts.
Ethan looking handsome with his new haircut and birthday outfit
I took Ethan to physical therapy and returned with a new bike for Brenden. It fits him much better.
Greg and Grant worked on the tile - thank you, thank you, thank you.

When Doug came home from work, we went up to Captain Cook State Park.
On the phone again - "Hi Kirsten!"
I believe Doug's mom is saying, "Douglas, don't you take a picture of me!"
Brenden is filling Nolan's pockets with rocks
Brenden kept telling me that he found "ear molds" and I thought, "Yeah, some of these rocks look like ear molds." It wasn't until about a half an hour later that he said, "No, like the gem, ear molds..." "OH! Emeralds!" Brenden and Nolan both found LOTS of "milky white." (see Denali Day 2 post)

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