Wednesday, August 5, 2009

July 12-13

July 12:
Could ice cream get any messier?
We went to the beach to watch dip netters.
My mom attempting to get warm
and making sand angels
So much for "Stay out of the water!"
A seagull feather sand castle
After the beach, I dropped off Doug and the kids and my parents and I went in search of a moose. After driving around - all of the way to the end of the road, we went home without seeing a single moose. Then, right at the turnoff to home, there was a moose standing at the edge of the road.
The sunset was worth the drive!
July 13:
Is there anything better than this?
We sent Doug out to forage for our dinner (aka. dip netting for red salmon).
He did us proud!
(Thank you to the ever so kind Brenners for being the local dip netting experts and helping us package it all!)
My mom and me
Ethan enjoying his single marshmallow one morsel at a time.
Brenden loves to roll down the hill in his wagon.
This is how Nolan plays soccer
Playing soccer with grandpa
After the Ethan was in bed, we decorated for his birthday.
My mom is not fond of blowing up balloons. They hurt her cheeks.

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